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Books Are Wings volunteers have a direct impact on the life of a child by showing them that reading is fun.   Our events emphasize the joy of reading while focusing on a key concept in children’s literacy – that choosing your own book fosters a greater motivation to read.

Contact Kim Nelson our Program Coordinator to inquire about our volunteer opportunities – kim@booksarewings.org 


Sorting/counting/organizing books: Throughout the year Books Are Wings plans a handful of mornings or afternoons to organize books in our office in Pawtucket.  During that time, we count books, organize them by age and look through them to make sure they are in good condition so that we can then bring them to schools.

School visits: During the school year, Books Are Wings hosts book parties at various early childhood facilities and elementary schools throughout Rhode Island.  At these events, Books Are Wings staff and volunteers help set up tables of books for children to browse and choose from.  We also spend time reading to the kids and guide them in a simple craft activity.  These events are a lot of fun and is a really great way to be directly involved with what Books  Are Wings is all about.

Community events: We attend many community events throughout the state. These events are often on weekends and weeknights and we depend greatly on volunteers to represent us at or accompany us to these events.  This usually entails bringing books to an event and helping out at or running the Books Are Wings table. Children at these events will then visit the table to chose a free book or two to take home.  These events are lots of fun and we attend them at various times throughout the year.

Book pick ups: One area where we really need more help is picking book donations up from people/organizations that aren’t able to bring them to our office. If you are interested in helping out with this, please let me know! We could work out a system that would work best for you.





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